Points & highscore

When destroying submarines or other enemies you earn points. The amount of points depends on the enemy type and the selected play skill mode. The easy mode gives less points than medium mode, and the hard mode gives more than medium mode. As the levels become higher and the enemies tougher, each enemy also gives more points. Your score is shown at the upper right corner of the game window.

If you do well you will be rewarded with extra lives. By every certain amount of points, depending on skill mode, an extra life is earned. See Play skill modes´┐Ż You will hear a metallic sound when you get an extra life. The number of lives are shown by a number of small skill mode heads to the upper left.

Ex. Medium skill mode with 3 three lives left, .

You can have a maximum of eight lives at once.

-Not bad for a human !

The eight best scores are saved in the highscore list along with the name and naval rank of the player. The highscore table is available from the Game menu. It contains three lists, one for each skill mode. Select the highscore list you want to view by clicking the skill mode image.