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Frequently asked questions

Downloading and Installing on your computer...
1. To download and install a title from our site, click on green download button download at the title's web page. Once you click the download button you normally will see a dialog window asking you to save the file on your computer or execute it directly, select the first option to save the file before you execute it. Select a place on your system and remember the location.
2. When the download has completed, execute the downloaded file in order to start the software installation. Browse to the file and use either Windows start menu and then 'run...', or by use Windows Explorer to locate and start the file.
3. Follow the instructions in the installation program.
4. When the installation has completed you will now have a new application folder in the start menu where you can launch your downloaded software.
Uninstalling/removing a title from your computer...
Open the Windows start menu and navigate to the application program group and select the uninstall icon for the selected software.
Upgrading an existing title...
1. Follow the instruction for downloading and installing.
2. When asked for the installation directory browse to and select the directory for the existing title you wish to upgrade. (if you accepted the standard directory upon the first installation, it will be the same). Upgrading to the same directory will overwrite the old version while maintaining your old setup files and highscores.
Ordering the full version...
1. To order the full version of a game or software title please click on the green order button order at the bottom of the title's web page. The order process it automated and you will receive access to the full version instantly from our web site and by e-mail. The process varies depending on the title you order and for most games you will receive a personal registration key which you can unlock the demo version of the game and turn it into a full, non-limited version. This means you do not have to install additional software in order to play the full game. Save your order details in a safe place as you probably will need it later when installing or upgrading your software.
Is it secure to order online..?
Wihlborg Entertainment work in cooperation with to ensure that your ordering information is handled in a proper secure way. Worldpay is a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Link to Worldpay: Your sensitive credit card details is only received by the the authorizating bank using a secure encrypted data transmission. You can verify that you are using a secure web page by the pad lock icon SSL Secure page in your browser.
I have lost my registration key...
Please send us an e-mail with your following order details and we will assist you with a new key.
- Software title and version you wish to register.
- Name of the registered user.
- Name and address details supplied when ordering.

You should receive an answer within three working days.
My registration key doesn't seem to work...
1. The registration key work with your registrered version. Make sure that the version of the registration matches your installed version of the software.
2. Make sure you have entered both the registration name and the number exactly as stated in your registration letter.