Depth charge throw indicator

The depth charge throw indicator shows by which force a charge will be thrown. The throw feature enables you to throw depth charges longer away from the ship. By throwing your depth charges with different force, you can spread your bombardment in a very convenient and effective way.

Activates the depth charge indicator when pressed. When you press this key and hold it down, the throw indicator starts to increase from left to right, . When it has reached its maximum, , it will decrease back to its initial state,

If you continue to hold down the key, the whole procedure will repeat itself until you release the key. When you release the key, the throw indicator will go back to normal at once.

Releases/throws a depth charge from the stern of the ship

Releases/throws a depth charge from the bow of the ship.

When you release a depth charge while the throw indicator is active, (the throw key is pressed), the depth charge will be thrown from the boat by a force proportional to the current throw indicator.